Approximately 11 people in Canada die by suicide every day. That’s over 4,000 people a year, making suicide a leading cause of death in Canada. We can help prevent suicide with the right services.

A donation to the Canada Suicide Prevention Service allows us to connect individuals in distress and individuals with suicidal thoughts with local Crisis Centres to receive immediate support.

1. Donate easily online.

2. Send in a cheque made payable to “Canada Suicide Prevention Service” to:

439 University Avenue, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON, M5G 1Y8

3. Call us at (437) 317-4488 with your credit card number

Your gift to the Canada Suicide Prevention Service will save lives. Here’s just one example:

"The Crisis Line saved my life the other day and I am very grateful. I had a break down and attempted suicide last Monday and I didn’t remember anything until Wednesday. The last thing I remember is that I called the Crisis Line and I was taken to the hospital. I then got the help that I needed, thank you." -Anonymous

Please note: we are in the process of receiving Registered Charity Status through the Canada Revenue Agency. Donations made at this time are not tax-deductible.

We thank you for helping us make a difference.

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