Job Summary


A CSPS remote responder works within the Clinical Operations Team of Crisis Services Canada, reporting to the Director of Operations and CSC Supervisors. The responder’s role is to answer incoming interactions on the national toll-free Canada Suicide Prevention Service, offering emotional support and resources, and carrying out a suicide risk assessment to determine the level of risk to the service user.


CSPS remote responders works from a private and secure home-based location, forming a back-up hub, that answers overflow interactions when the crisis/distress centre (network site) responders are occupied on other calls.


CSPS remote responder adhere to CSPS standards of practice in the delivery of crisis intervention and suicide prevention support.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide emotional support and crisis intervention via telephone, following CSPS defined practices. These include:
    • Short-term non-judgmental emotional support
    • Suicide risk assessment
    • Collaborative problem solving
    • Third party outreach (when appropriate)
    • Scheduling a follow up call (when appropriate)
    • Active rescue with or without consent (when appropriate)
    • Intervene and reporting (when legally required to do so)
    • Offering appropriate resources (when appropriate)
  • Follow CSPS policies and procedures
  • Remain up to date on service procedures and caller support guidelines.
  • Maintain familiarity with emergency resources and protocols.
  • Respond to complaints by callers and direct them to the appropriate personnel.
  • Complete all applicable paperwork, reading and maintaining accurate call sheets.
  • Respect caller confidentiality. Sharing no information on call content to unauthorized personnel.
  • Uphold ethical and legal standards of CSPS.
  • Seek supervision and assistance when needed and to debrief.
  • Attend responder/staff meetings when required
  • Participate in regular assessment of skills by staff
  • Attend additional training sessions when required
  • Participate in observation shifts, support shifts & role play support to training staff.

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