Asking for help can be hard. 'What if I’m not taken seriously?', 'What if they think badly of me?', 'I feel awkward talking about it.'

If you are struggling, we’re here to help. We won’t judge or dismiss your feelings.

We offer a safe, confidential place to talk or text in your own way.

We can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, and connect you with local support resources. But ultimately we are here to listen and share this difficult moment with you.

Here are some reasons to reach out:

Sharing your thoughts and feelings can reduce stress and bring relief

Working through a problem with us can help you see the options

It can also reduce isolation and help you feel empowered

Connecting with us can help you find strategies to cope and link you to local resources

Call us toll-free anytime at 1.833.456.4566 or text us at 45645 between 4 pm - 12 am ET.

Local Resources & Support

We want to ensure that no matter where you live in Canada, support is never far away. Browse our database to find additional support resources in your region.

What happens when you reach out?

Whatever method you choose to contact us, our suicide prevention and support responders will:

  • Listen to you
  • Understand how your problem is affecting you
  • Provide support
  • Share any resources that may be helpful, should you wish to hear about them

Sometimes, during high demand, it may take a while to connect. You can usually expect to wait just a few minutes to speak to a Crisis Responder, but if we are very busy the wait can be up to half an hour. If you or someone you know are in immediate danger, call 911.